Data Protection & Security

Implement appropriate GDPR controls

Because you struggle with implementing the GDPR controls

With the launch of GDPR in 2018, data protection and privacy have been put in the spotlights.

But still, lots of companies struggle to implement the appropriate technical and organizational measures to comply with the data protection principles, because the lack of tailor made assistance. 

Because you want a pragmatic actionable approach

With a pragmatic and effective approach and fast measurable results, we guide to put together the GDPR puzzle for you.

Analysing how GDPR impacts you (or not), defining the core processes and procedures like the processing register, incident management, customer communication, and more…

Our proposition

Hands-on experience. Using packaged solutions and ready to use templates.

Expert advise from people in the field, who know how to run your data protection practices.

Guided implementation that boost your knowledge while you get in control.

Stay in control, if you have any question, you can always rely on our expert advise.

Eat the GDPR elephant bite by bite