Thoroughly thought Security Packages

A Pre-packages, well thought kit?

A  CyberMinute expert does what he can do best.

One of the unique concepts that CyberMinute offers: is a range of packaged solution. The range of solutions is growing every time our community growths.  

Because you want to do it yourself

ISO 27X starterkit. Ciso as a service. DPO as a service. 60 CyberMinute(s) a week.


Targetted, scoped

Targeted on a specific topic. On demand. To the point. Relevant. The timeboxed delivery you need.

Some examples include

  • Half day Workshops: Cybersecurity basics, IT Risk management essentials, ISO27001 essentials, introduction to IT Risk management, GDPR essentials
  • 1 day workshops: Getting started with ISO27001 (hands-on), setting up your risk management in 1 day (using Monarc), penetration testing essentials, …
  • Other packaged solutions include:
    • Coached implementation of GDPR, hands-on guidance,
    • ISO27001 Starter kit, DPO as a service, Security officer as a service.
    • 60 CyberMinute(s) a week: keeping you up to speed with the latest threats, trends and evolution
  • More to come, on your demand…

Cyber Minute Kick Start