Your Security Advisor

Management Support as Security manager, interim CI(S)O, IT manager or coach

Because you can not delegate your accountability

In smaller organization many of the executive roles combine business and IT responsibilities. 

As an executive you need to know all about everything in your company. 

Within the fast moving environment of internet and IT, this is a huge challenge. 

We can relieve that pressure by providing you personal and direct coaching.

It's about you, your priorities and at your pace

We help you to manage YOUR information security, cyber security and data protection challenges at management level.

We coach you, we guide you. 

How it works?

Supporting your business, with a few hours per week or number of day(s) a month, in in a coaching, advisory model.

In that way you have direct access to expert level security knowledge to make the best out of your business in a secure way.



Cyber Minute Information Coach