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  • Cyber resilience ISO 27001
  • NIS 2 Compliance
  • Interim Management
  • Training
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Our SOLUTIONS in a nuttshell

Cyber resilience with ISO 27001

Cyber resilience with ISO 27001

Demonstrable cyber resilience from guidance to certification

NIS 2 Compliance

NIS 2 Compliance & coaching

Comply with European legislation around NIS 2 or the Cyber Resilience Act

Interim Management & Coaching

Strengthen your team with a Cyber Resilience expert
NIS Institute

Training & Education

Provide Training and Continuing Education

Become more cyber resilient with the new ISO 27001.

Demonstrable cyber resilience from guidance to certification

The ISO 27001 standard stands for cybersecurity, data protection and information security and proves your organisation's maturity on processes.

Demonstrate your maturity by making your way of working compliant with this standard.

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CyberMinute ISO27001 NIS CIS 27002
CyberMinute NI2 CyberSecurity
Prove your NIS 2 compliance

Comply with European legislation around NIS2

How to make your company more resilient to cyber attacks.

NIS 2 designates 16 sectors with essential and important activities.

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Interim Management Guidance (ad-interim)

Strengthen your team with a Cyber Resilience expert

Would you like to strengthen your organisation with a fully-fledged expert who can keep up with everyday business life?

Our experts are at your disposal for regular and/or permanent support.

CISO as a Service , DPO as a service, an ISMS specialist/expert,.... you can count 100% on us.

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CyberMinute Interim Management experts
CyberMinute NI2 CyberSecurity
Awareness, Knowledge and Training

Regular refresher courses, training or education

Even with guidance from experts, YOU need to take control of cyber security yourself to keep your business or organisation safe.

So it's important to get regular refresher courses, training or education.

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NIS 2 

By implementing these legislative measures, European authorities aim to address the growing cybersecurity challenges and seek to ensure a higher level of protection across different sectors. The interconnectedness of these legislative acts creates a comprehensive but also complex framework that reinforces cybersecurity...

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